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Smart Technology Company 
Disrupting Legacy Security

Mission Driven Company Leading with Innovation

"We believe every business should be empowered with affordable, accessible and easy to-use tools to ensure their safety." 

Yoni Sherizen, Co-founder & CEO

Our Story

GABRIEL was born out of two mass shootings that occurred in 2016.   On June 12, 2016, 4 people were killed and 7 people injured in a mass shooting in Tel Aviv.  Four days later, 49 people were killed and 53 injured in a mass shooting at the Pulse Nightclub in Florida


Our founders saw how the chaos and lack of communication with legacy technology led to exponential damage and loss of life. 


They knew that next generation technology was available that could be deployed to solve this problem., and that creating a great team using this technology could build solutions that save lives in a growing range of public safety threats.


Our team includes leading figures from corporate security, police, military, intelligence, and technology.  This real world experience is critical in creating and developing features and functionality that is needed, effective, and easy to use.


By using AI and machine learning, we are disrupting the security industry by replacing legacy security systems dependent on human interaction with automated systems that reduce response time, chaos, and cost.

The Vision



Yes, a very bold vision.  However, we believe that technology is growing exponentially and can be applied to the problem of increased mass shootings year after year as well as increased workplace violence and other public safety events.


Using this technology, Gabriel continues to innovate to include preventative capabilities to the platform.  With our team of leading technologists, we have already begun integrating with cutting edge technologies such as weapons detection, security drones, robotics, and smart cameras


In the future, we see a security platform that can anticipate a mass causality events based on human behavior, identify mass casualty threats prior to the first action taken, and automate alerting to inform potential victims before any harm is done. 

The Team
Yoni Sherizen_edited.png

Yoni Sherizen
CEO, Co Founder


Doug Alexander

Insurance Partnerships

Yudie Reinitz_edited.png

Yudie Reinitz


Elizabeth Lampert
Customer Success

Gabriel Shield
The Board

Aaron Zucker
Sapir Venture Partners


Marco Schnabl
IHS Markit

Seth Damski_edited.png

Seth Damski
Old City Partners

Yoni Sherizen_edited.png

Yoni Sherizen
CEO, Co Founder


Asaf Adler
Co Founder

The Advisors

Ram Ben-Barak

Former Mossad Deputy Director and former Director-General of the Israeli Intelligence Ministry

Aakash white background.png

Aakash Shah

Former first responder and ongoing volunteer, with a specialty in helping tech companies build scalable infrastructure and operations.


Ryan Petty

Father of Parkland school shooting victim, former ADT executive responsible for new product development, and founder of The Walkup Foundation.


Kobi Mor

Former Shin Bet Director, Israeli Aviation Authority Security Director, and Global Director of Security at Teva.


Sarah Parker

A leader in workplace and employee safety leading teams at Amazon, Walmart, and PayPal over the last twenty years. 


Amir Schwartz

Leadership positions at Citigroup, McAfee, and early stage companies including CTO, Vice President of R&D, and Director of Software Engineering.  


Bob Pocica

CEO BNCIL, Sr Advisor The Chertoff Group, former Chief Security Officer at McKesson, former Sr Director Global Security at Pfizer, former FBI Special Agent and SWAT team member.


Menachem Pakman

30 year veteran and expert in the areas of intelligence, security, and counterterrorism.  Various senior leadership positions in an operational and commanding capacity.  

Henry Sopher white background.png

Henry Sopher

Experienced professional in the global insurance market, with early involvement in the insurance legacy sector. Advisor to startups revolutionizing the industry with tech and data.

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