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Fortify Workplace Security
& Become
SB 553 Compliant 

SB 553 Compliance and Beyond

Gabriel is a security technology company that offers a complete solution for businesses looking to become SB 553 compliant. Gabriel is renowned for its patented, AI-driven incident response platform and is the trusted partner for companies looking to fortify workplace security for themselves and their clients.

Gabriel - Your Trusted Security Partner

Join the many businesses and insurance agencies that have chosen Gabriel as their trusted security partner for their own or their customers' businesses. 

Meet some of our partners:

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Why Choose Gabriel?

Gabriel offers specialized expertise in fortifying businesses to meet all SB 553 requirements. By working closely with each business to address its unique needs or by collaborating with our partners’ services, Gabriel ensures a comprehensive and tailored solution for every client.


Identify a workplace's hazards, risks, and security vulnerabilities.


Build a prevention plan and implement the technology to mitigate risks and make the plan effective.

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Set up physical and digital tools to report, alert, and respond to real-time incidents. 


Design a custom training program for employees to understand the prevention plan and hazards specific to their job assignment. 


Gabriel's advanced technology seamlessly integrates with existing cameras, sensors, and access control systems to proactively identify potential threats before they escalate. When a threat is detected, Gabriel alerts first responders and provides them with real-time visual and audio access, along with instant communication capabilities within the active scene.

Seamless Safety

Gabriel's systems not only enhance employees' sense of security but also significantly mitigate the risk of catastrophic liability in the event of workplace violence. Prioritize prevention with Gabriel—because true safety starts with proactive measures.

Don't just record incidents. Stop them.
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Get Compliant by July 1st!

The countdown to the July 1st compliance deadline is ticking. Choose Gabriel as your compliance consultant to secure your or your client's business and avoid potential penalties.

  • What is SB 553?
    Senate Bill No. 553 (SB 553) is a significant legislative measure introduced in California in September 2023, slated to take effect on July 1, 2024. This bill addresses the rising incidents of workplace violence, which pose substantial risks to workers' safety and well-being. While SB 553 is not introducing an entirely new concept, it aims to expand existing protections beyond healthcare workers, who have already been safeguarded against workplace violence in California. The primary objective of SB 553 is to mandate that most employers across the state implement comprehensive workplace violence prevention plans, thereby enhancing the overall security and welfare of employees in various sectors.
  • Who is affected by SB 553?
    SB 553 predominantly impacts all employers with a workforce exceeding 10 employees. However, there are notable exceptions to consider: Small Employers: Businesses with fewer than 10 employees that are not open to the public. Remote Employees: Individuals who telework and are not under the direct supervision of the employer. Healthcare Facilities: Employers operating healthcare facilities. Public Entities: Certain public entity employers are also exempt from these regulations. Understanding these distinctions is crucial for ensuring compliance and recognizing the specific obligations and exemptions relevant to your business. Contact us to clarify your SB 553 compliance obligations.
  • How long does the process take?
    Gabriel's team specializes in helping businesses achieve SB 553 compliance, even when facing tight deadlines. We provide a comprehensive written plan, essential implementation tools, and custom employee training videos to ensure a smooth transition. Don't wait—contact us today to get started!
  • Are there any penalties for non-compliance?
    Yes, failure to adhere to SB 553 can lead to significant consequences, including hefty fines and legal repercussions. Additionally, presenting an incomplete or inadequate SB 553 plan exposes your organization to substantial liability risks should workplace violence occur.
  • Do you have a partner program that would allow me to offer your services to clients who need to comply with SB 553?
    Absolutely! With the rise in workplace violence incidents in California, an increasing number of insurance agencies, lawyers, HR directors, consultants, threat assessment professionals, and compliance firms are collaborating with us to take a proactive approach to mitigating risks. Joining our program means you can offer your clients expert solutions to ensure they meet compliance requirements and enhance workplace safety. Please use the form below to schedule a call to discuss how we can collaborate.
  • It sounds like Gabriel offers a range of practical tools beyond just meeting SB 553 compliance. Can you tell me more?
    With pleasure! Gabriel is renowned as the smart, active assailant solution. While we provide services related to SB 553 compliance, our offerings extend to comprehensive, lifesaving tools and technologies designed to protect your business. These include: Panic buttons: Immediate access to emergency assistance. Team alert: Instant notifications to your team and first responders during a crisis. Mass notification: Broad communication capabilities for critical updates. Ai threat detection: Advanced technology to identify potential threats proactively. Virtual command room: A centralized platform for managing emergency responses and enabling communication. 24/7 monitoring: Around-the-clock surveillance to keep your premises secure. Remote crisis responder: Expert assistance available remotely during emergencies. First responder connectivity: Seamless integration with local emergency services. These tools work together to ensure your business is protected at all times.
Don't Wait - Act Now! 
Let's discuss SB 553 compliance for you or your customers.

Achieving compliance with SB 553 is not just a regulatory requirement; it’s a vital step towards safeguarding a business and its employees. Choose Gabriel as your compliance consultant to secure your or your client's business and avoid potential penalties. Please fill out the form below, and a member of our team will contact you to schedule a discovery call.

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