Smart Incident Response

Instant connectivity with live video 
emergency communication

Billions are spent monitoring and anticipating security incidents.  Gabriel responds to them.
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Within seconds of a critical event occurring, Gabriel uses smart technology to trigger alerts and to share live video for quick intervention. Saving time, money and lives.

The Benefits of
Automated Incident Response


Natural and man-made disasters cost billions each year in business interruption.  Early intervention helps you keep the business running as normal.

False Alarms

94% of 911 calls are false.  Using live video and two-way communication, critical events can be verified before first responders are sent.  Saving time and money.

Reduce Risk
and Exposure

Leverage your remote teams to bring situations  under control faster and with more eyes on the scene.  All without the heavy expense of a command room.

How it Works

1.  Event Activation

2.  Gabriel Engaged

3.  Video + Tools Shared

Gabriel Shield
An affordable solution in a
simple and scalable platform

Cloud Based Technology

Eliminate the cost of 'on prem' hardware and services.  Cloud deployment is simple with no configuration needed to burden IT staff.

One Pane of Glass

Intuitive platform that is easily shared with others. Combining live video, dynamic mapping and multi-channel communication.

Leverage Current Assets

Current investment in security assets can be leveraged in automating incident response.  This maximizes ROI while reducing costs.

Proactive Security

By integrating cameras, sensors, and access control, transform incident management to a  proactive approach.


Using smart analytics, the Gabriel platform launches automatic triggers, alerts, and sharing to automate incident response and save lives.

Unlock On-Prem Solutions

Safely transform your existing on-prem solutions by adding cloud based functionality on demand.  All without impacting day-to-day security.

Gabriel Components

Virtual Command

Simple and intuitive with one pane of glass, the platform combines live video with dynamic mapping and multi-channel communication.

Mobile App

Full command functionality in the palm of your hand, with simplified functionality and digital tools for wider staff  and teams to keep everyone on the same page.

Gabriel Shield

Smart Shield

Using sensor technology, the Gabriel Smart Shield combines gunshot detection, live video, and two-way communication in a physical panic button.


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