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Partner Program
Partnerships Created For Success

Become a Gabriel Partner

Regardless if you are an OEM, Consultant, Integrator, or Solution Provider, Gabriel can add value to your offerings.​


  1. End-to-End platform for any size business

  2. Bolt-on technology for live video sharing

  3. Unlock legacy VMS/DVR systems without replacement cost

  4. Automate manual security processes with smart technology

  5. Transition to cloud with monthly recurring revenue

  6. Save false alarm costs with verified live video

Gabriel Shield

Gabriel makes it easy to do business.  Personal communication, flexible processes, and customized solutions without jumping through hoops.


  1. Component driven solutions

  2. Customizable configurations

  3. Simplified ordering and tracking

  4. Generous resource support

  5. Flexibility in the construction of terms

  6. Advanced technology roadmap


Referral Agreement

Influencers and security experts who advise and recommend appropriate solutions to their clients.

Reseller Agreement

Solution sellers such as Integrators that bundle various products into a client specific solution.

Technology Agreement

OEM and software developers that add features and capabilities to their product offerings.

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