Light-footed Solution for  
Soft Target Protection

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Gabriel Shield

Virtual Command

Mobile App

Smart Panic Button

Our patented technology combines a smart panic button with a virtual command and mobile app.

This creates a holistic approach to protect against active shooter, workplace violence, and mass causality events

The Solution

How It Works



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Police Alerted

Users Alerted

Video Stream Begins

Siren & Lights  



Gunshot detection activates police alerts, notifications, video, and broadcast instantly. 

All alert and notifications happen within the first two seconds WITHOUT any human involvement needed.  This removes hesitation and errors made during times of stress.





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Live Video Received

Safe Zone Guidance

Chat Messaging

Mass Notification



Command Dashboard is also alerted and springs to life including hot zone mapping, app messaging, and safety guidance.  

No human control is needed for the Command Dashboard to appear on a desktop, laptop, or mobile app.




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Live Video Viewing

Two-way Chat

Safe Exit Information

Digital Panic Button



App users receive real time intelligence of the situation as it unfolds providing a flight to safety.

First responders recieve mission critical, situational awareness allowing them to take tactical positions to neutralize the situation without harm. 

Smart Panic Button

The smart panic button instantly starts the proactive response process by either a gunshot detection alert or the smart button being pushed.  Video and two-way communication begins streaming providing 'eyes and ears' on sight, in real time, for first responders.  


Fast and simple installation

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Live audio & video streams

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2 way communication

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Gunshot detection 

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Hot zone mapping

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Wireless and scalable

Gabriel Shield
Gabriel Shield
Virtual Command
Computer Monitor

A command dashboard with hot zone mapping, geofencing, and omni-channel communication provides instant communication to mobile devices protecting the network with situational awareness to save lives.

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Instant mass notifications to those in harm

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Integrated with police and emergency responders

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Interactive floor plans to mark hot and safe zones

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Automatic notifications to community network 

Mobile App

With the Gabriel Protection app, you can get an emergency response at the press of a button, receive alerts on your phone if a Shield is triggered nearby, and get all the notifications you need to stay safe. 

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Instant alert sent with push of app panic button

Ability to text live video stream to others

Exit routes are displayed for fast escape

Automatic notifications to community network 

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Network Effect

Effective communication is indispensable to fostering

a safe and connected community


Instantaneously notify multiple locations within an area should an incident happen,

allowing locations to trigger their protocols for a potential threat.

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